Hiding in the City

Thinking outside of the box. Not only due to our status as IB students we are engaged to broaden our horizon, to reflect, to be mindful and to explore our daily world. Thereby, observing and analysing art is one of the best ways to challenge our minds, to question, to interpret and even to judge. Within this column, we want to regularly present outstanding photos, paintings and images and what we think about it…

Carolins thoughts: Hide and seek – a game that we all played at least once during our childhood. When I look at the pieces of art Liu Bolin creates by totally adapting to various environments, I am somehow reminded of memories of finding the perfect hideout in my neighbourhood.

The accuracy in every detail is what makes Bolin’s pictures so special, so different. But why are we so impressed by a man hiding himself in everyday life? In my opinion, today’s world is mostly about presence, importance, performance. Without referring to the actual intention of the artist, I think that the hidden figure in all the pictures might somehow resemble the small, almost unnoticeable things which we sometimes do not worship enough during the busy schedule of our everyday life. As our lives are digitalised and hastened, we often get lost in all the information, the media, the demands.

Liu Bolin’s pictures therefore invite us to stop ourselves for a moment, to take a close look – and to be honest: Who has never wished at least once in life to simply be invisible?!


Anastasia’s thoughts: Liu Bolin, the artist able to immerse himself in the surrounding environment, melting with it and becoming a complete part of it, could, in my opinion, be one of the best examples of non-conformism. Yes, non- conformism: the tendency to be different from the crowd without following bog-standard ideals and thoughts. Why? Because in this society, which values appearance and being at the centre of attention, everybody’s aspirations is to be “somebody”. A man who manages to disappear and becomes famous for it, is applaudable.

The message the artist is trying to portray is that one should not stop at the surface, this meaning that a superficial glance cannot reveal all, and most of the time you will find hidden surprises (either positive or negative) ready to be discovered.

Liu Bolin camouflaged among hundreds of phones, that have become an important part of our lives. We use them not only to phone, but also to surf on the internet, search for the best restaurants, take photos, to read, use maps and many other things, is another warning.

We are constantly surrounded by the media, and thinking about living without it is now virtually impossible. What about having a moment of reflection and try to live our life without having a phone permanently attached to our hands? Why can’t we just lift our heads and “look up”?

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