Students’ Voice (Survey)

We learn, we live, we laugh: school is an important part, if not a full-time job for all students. As an international school with the privilege of being able to board, Hockerill Anglo-European College is formed by many different youths of various cultural backgrounds. With our own inspirations and aspirations, all of us have different ideas of how to succeed in the IB and how to manage school life as a sixth-former. To ascertain what both new and “old” day students and boarders think about the academics and the new lifestyle that started with the beginning of the IB Diploma Programme and for some, even the move to a new country, the InParallel Magazine team created a survey for all Year 12 students of Hockerill College. The results presented in this post are thereby very varied but interestingly similar. It is remarkable how many day students would like to experience boarding lives themselves and how well old and new students mixed at the beginning of the new school year. However, we don’t want to anticipate the outcome – take a look yourself!

(Feel free to click on the diagrams to enlarge them!)


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