Ciao, hallo, 你好!

In a globalised world of the 21st century, we all are in touch with different cultures in our everyday lives. We eat Italian pasta, listen to American music, discuss Middle Eastern politics. How could all this interaction be possible without language? Different languages are a way to express thoughts and opinions, they are sometimes hard to learn, they may be misunderstood, but if multicultural communication succeeds, new words lead to new worlds.

With this multilingual online magazine, we, the students of Hockerill Anglo-European College, want to promote multiculturalism. As students of an international school, we experience not only culture clashes, but also open-mindness and cultural exchange every day. By writing about different cultures, global issues and varied topics, we want to share our thoughts, both in our mother tongue and in English as the lingua franca, with readers from all around the world.

Enjoy your multilingual read!

The InParallel team

The World of Words - a Language World Map
The World of Words – A Language World Map

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